5 Tips on Naming Your Song

musicThe title of a song can be just as important as the lyrics, or even the music. Once your song is complete , you want make sure you maximize the impact by giving it a strong name.
The question, “What’s the name of that song?” haunts many musicians. If fans can’t find it, they can’t listen to it. Following these 5 steps will get you thinking in the right mind state to give you a solid title for your song.
1. You can always have a working title until you finalize one. The date the song was recorded is a popular choice. The Beatles had the most outrageous names for their songs up until they were released.
2. Keep the title simple. Don’t try to be too creative, or it may go over peoples’ heads.
3. Pick a lyric or phrase from the chorus or hook. This is the most memorable part of the song, so it will be easier for people to find it online.
4. Don’t pick overly used song titles. Your track may get lost in the mix.
5. Make the title interesting, effective, and relevant to your subject matter.
We hope that these five steps shed some light on a rather daunting task for musicians. Remember when picking a name for your song, be creative but keep it simple.

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